Meet our Helios Team


ELIAS SARAGIAS - Managing Director
Having this unwavering faith in himself, Elias is able te earn your sympathy at once. He is an active listener, multi language speaker and he will treat you with the respect and attention you'd like to receive in a conversation in English, German, Italian or French. He is a natural born communicator and he will do his best to lift your spirits, to make you laugh and see life and holidays through his unique joyful perspective. OUR ELIAS is Helios heart and soul!




MICHAEL TRIKOILIS - Managing Director
OUR MICHAEL is Helios Business Mind! He sees and captures opportunities to provide value to others. His emotional awareness, his professionalism, his knowledge and leadership, give us and our guests solutions! He always places emphasis on what needs to be done in Helios business to progress forward. His business know-how is executed through sebsequent action in a reliable way.




GEORGE ALACHOUZOS - Client's relationship Management Department
George is born in Mastichari and an aspiring manager who studies Hotel Management. He has successfully adopted the values of Helios Travel. He knows very well that your TRUST is Helios most business precious commodity! Therefore he commits to lead Helios Products and Services promising to be scrupulously: honest, clear, empathetic, right, good friend and helpful. Because your TRUST is earned every day! He will always welcome you with a smile and make sure to accomodate your wishes.




NICHOLAS ANGELIS - Guest Relationship Executive
He prepares himself for he new season to start and commits in offering Helios services on a high variety and on the lowest possible prices. For him, letting you know about the stories, the places or even the people behind every Helios product, has the same priority as knowing himself. 




In 2018 Johanna was joining Helios because simply she has accepted that she knew nothing from housekeeping. Today she is extremely happy because she has managed to overcome herself: self development, education, exercise, diploma, customer awareness, recognition! Well-done Johanna!